Haven’t got the stomach for it

I sat there dripping with sweat, stomach in knots, white knuckles as I grip the chair and I haven’t even ordered yet.
I know what you’re thinking. I’m just being a bit over dramatic but this is the way I feel pretty much every time I go out to eat. Why I hear you ask?
Well firstly I best introduce myself. Hello my name is Michael Pound, husband to Rachel Pound the owner of the Rusland Pool hotel. Now that we are introduced I will carry on with my story. About 2 years ago I became very unwell and during that time I became intolerant to gluten, milk and eggs, which sadly seems to be the key components to most things that are tasty. As you can imagine this made going out to eat or even just trying to get a snack very difficult. If you have an intolerance you’ll understand this because, (A) they just don’t have anything in that is suitable for me or (B) they tell me it’s suitable for me when it’s not.
So one evening after walking out of a restaurant, because I became frustrated with the fantastically complex paper tick box booklet you get everywhere now when you ask a question about what’s in a dish, my wife and I sat down with our head chef and said it’s time to create a menu for customers with intolerance’s where you don’t need a degree to understand what’s in what dish or give yourself an extra hour before your friends arrive so you can look through a hundred tick box booklet.
So our ‘Free From’ menu was born and it is a proper menu that has what we hope are tasty options and most importantly these items are gluten free, dairy free, egg free and sometimes all three. What makes this menu super is it’s not just main courses; we have starters and desserts too. All in all we have over 40 dishes to choose from so I can eat out every night and relax knowing I am going to feel great.


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