The Important Facts Of Mother’s Day

Mother's DayMother’s Day

With Mothers Day fast approaching, I start looking to find the perfect present. While I was wondering around thinking about Mothers Day it hit me. I don’t know much about Mothers Day well apart from the bit about saying thank you to mums for all they do. So I have tried to find some important facts about Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day facts

Mothers Day falls this year on the 26th of March. The date always changes because it falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Traditionally domestic servants would be given time off work to go to the mother church.  

The term mother church was used to indicate the church a person was baptised or christened at.

Domestic servants returning to the church for the day were said to have gone “a mothering“.

Due to having time off, young girls would often spend the whole day with their mothers. As they walked to meet their family they would pick flowers to split between both the church and their mother.

Anna Jarvis was probably the mother of Mothers Day. Jarvis was an American social activist who argued the case for a day to honour all mothers in America.

There was a Mothers Day movement in the UK after articles about Jarvis in American newspapers made it over.

American and Candian soldiers importing their Mothers Day tradition during the second world war meaning by the 1950s the UK had adopted the American Mothers Day.

American or British Mother’s Day

In conclusion, I have discovered that Mother’s Day has been around for hundreds of years. Although it would seem that the British traditional mothers day was very different from the modern Mother’s Day.  Finally, it would seem that we must thank our American cousins and especially Anna Jarvis for her work to make Mother’s Day the celebration it is today.   


A poll for popular gifts voted by mothers themselves was as follows:

1st place = a Hug

2nd place = a Card

3rd place =  a lie in

4th place = a meal 

5th place= chocolate

It goes to show just how little mums ask in return for everything they do for us. Therefore show how much you love your mum this year and treat her to all five to put a lovely smile back on her face.



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